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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Get Life Lessons

On Sunday, 17 May 2015, I use my free time to catering work in a even of wedding than in the hostel nothing activity. I want use my time with as well as possible. Work in the catering is very happy. because, I can know with others. not only friend in the class, however can know friend in out class. such as, friend of cross faculty as well as cross university. 

With like that, I can have many friend. I have many link. Although, I just work in Catering become service (just maid), but this just fill free time. The most important, I can get income to add needs less, I can know with others, and use time as well as possible. Lest no time wasted. Time is precious.

I want share to you about a story in the catering. When I work in the catering, I meet with gentlemen (old people). They work same with me (just become service). I feel what a pity them. It turns out, they have a work other. In fact, they work in the factory become a Direktur. When go to the factory always ride his luxury car. I was very surprised know about that (Story from Mas Yanto). "I Get Life Lessons" from this story. So, Don't  underestimate for a job. although, very lowly.

Hopefully, KEEP SPIRIT!!!

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