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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Motivation of live From My Friend " Mas Yanto"

motivation of live
Mas Yanto is my friend in the UIN Walisongo Semarang. His matter is Islamic education. His self is very spirit. I start know his self when I went to work in the Bagong Catering become a Service. When there is free time, we always chat with him. He always tells the story of his live when located in Semarang city. He live in Semarang city without interference with the parents because his family happen a money crisis. beside that, the parents not bless if he continue the study to UIN Walisongo. The parent thinks, if Study in there, very difficult to get a job after study. The parents refuse / not bless study in University of Walisongo. 

The parent want him to study in matter is technic. Because Tehnic many are searched by many person. But He more Choose in University of Walisongo than Choose matter of technic. the consequence from that, he study in Semarang city without helping from the parents.

So that way, He live in Semarang and study in University of Walisongo with pay alone. Its very great. He also feel very difficult and weight work to get the money. Now, He about 25 years old, but study to end Strata 1 (S 1) still have not ended. Because, He every semester take just 12 sks. So that way, He is Very long time in ending his study. In fact, his friends had graduated 2 years ago. Many of person (lecture and friend in the class now) think to him, that he is very naughty man or stupid man because they not knowing about his problem. He must can live in Semarang city and can pay of fee to study in University of Walisongo.

When there are lecture about his problem, the lecture very pity with him. Not little of lecture that give a motivation. In fact, he become assistant of lecture. From live like that, not become hopeless man. But, with live like that become him can more spirit. That, can become a motivation for me and us.


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